New Linedata Ekip 360



Linedata Ekip 360 is the result of a major technological overhaul and offers:

  • A Service-Oriented Approach (SOA)
  • Developments in standard programming languages (Java, PL/SQL)
  • Interfaces built on Rich Internet Application (RIA) technologies
  • A centralised Oracle database

These technological choices are essential, as they ensure both the sustainability and reliability of Linedata Ekip 360, whilst at the same time providing flexibility and modernity.


Linedata Ekip 360 provides an interface that meets all your needs:

  • Set up your workspace in a few clicks through using widgets
  • The interface can be used in both a business and operational context
  • The interface complies with standard office automation software


New Google® Framework interface


Linedata Ekip 360 is a fully modular solution with Front, Middle and Back Office components that handle all of your requirements from the first contact with the client right through to contract termination.

Its integration into your overall architecture is:


Linedata Ekip 360 will support you in your growth:

  • regardless of your Asset Finance and Leasing activities: consumer credit, car financing, real estate/equipment leasing…
  • regardless of the data volume managed
  • anywhere in the world

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