Linedata Ekip: a multi-industry Front-Office

In an increasingly competitive market, being able to make flexible and scalable offers is of the utmost importance. Your commercial targets are becoming more demanding, wishing to go beyond mere financing to make the most of your expert advice and know-how. In order to provide these services, you will need cutting edge, effective and productive tools able to give you the best advantage when dealing with the ever-changing market.

With Linedata Ekip Front-Office, your contributors (partners, dealers, points-of-sale, agencies, etc.) will be able to provide funding, allocated or not, through a broad range of financial products such as loans, finance lease, operating lease or full service leasing. With Linedata Ekip, you will be able to process all types of clients, from individuals to professionals and companies; assets including new or used vehicles, utility vehicles and new or used equipment; services such as asset or personal insurance, loss of employment insurance, financial loss insurance, maintenance, extension of guarantees, and more.

From Pricing to Acquisition: unparalleled flexibility

Linedata Ekip can handle the entire contract acquisition process including pricing management, which is performed using the product catalogue. The highly-customisable software solution even covers the commercial phase in its entirety. It will allow you to identify and get to know your clients as well as aid you in selecting pricing most suited to the adopted business rules.

Thanks to the featured comprehensive “service” mode (SOA/Web Services), the solution can be integrated into other applications such as an existing website, for example.