Linedata Ekip: optimising risk management

Recent events and developments have shown that complete control of acceptance processes is more than necessary; being able to produce risk-assessed, reliable analyses within the strictest of time constraints will provide a definite leg-up when it comes to competition and justifying sound management of activities to your regulators is a fundamental requirement that must also be met.

Linedata Ekip middle office will allow you to improve and optimise the time financial requests spend under consideration and will also provide simpler, faster access to the data you require for follow-up.

This application integrates all pre-requisites needed for the implementation of grant processes, including:

  • setup of external automatic score modules, using an internal motor or by calling up external tools
  • third party verification and deduplication processes in order to make data more reliable
  • management of contractual documentation and justification documents, along with openings needed for the integration with an Electronic Documentation Management tool
  • management of versions during Front- and Middle-Office exchanges
  • full Back-Office integration, both in terms of new contract creation and repository management, as in financial tool integration
  • features that allow for better organisation and supervision of work
  • a customisable, integrated workflow
  • complete traceability of the information modified during the grant process