Employee Savings Schemes

The market for collective savings is dynamic and competitive.  A leader in the French market for over 15 years, Linedata provides its expertise to both financial providers and major corporations.

Linedata Noee, the custodians’ benchmark for employee savings

Linedata Noee services the largest custodians in France, providing IT management of their accounts for 6,5 million employees.
This highly reliable, trusted platform integrates the very latest technologies and provides a direct and personalized communication channel, company by company.

Linedata Noee has all the functions required to manage Employee Savings accounts.  This solution features unrivalled flexibility that enables the rapid creation of new products, an optimized management of business processes, combined with sophisticated administrative, accounting, editing and communication functions.

Linedata Noee is fully integrated with our Asset Management offering and allows you to cover the comprehensive investment cycle value chain.


Linedata Noee is the French market industry standard for employee savings as it federates the major financial institutions. It leverages 15 years of expertise and integrates the latest technology to communicate directly and efficiently with your customers.

Linedata Noee allows you to manage all your employee savings accounts:

  • A strong powerful configuration engine to be time to market
  • Optimized management of all workflows
  • Multi product, multi plans from short term to retirement plans.
  • Accounting capabilities with cash management
  • Customizable web services and email functionality with digital reporting
Linedata Noee integrates the latest technology – Oracle, Java, CRM Siebel, LDAP, SOAP, PDF- and is already interfaced with all partners systems.

Linedata Noee operates on a full ASP platform

  • Comprehensive system and network security
  • Service Level agreement

Email services

  • Automates all incoming orders
  • Automatically generates emails and mails coming from your back-office
  • Mailing features on your client data base.
  • Personalized environment under Business Object®
  • Electronic publishing
  • Invoicing capabilities