Employee Savings

Created a few decades ago, employee saving and employee shareholding schemes in France have enjoyed virtually relentless growth; the number of employee beneficiaries has increased by 10% per year.

Over the coming years, regulatory provisions will continue to support the attractiveness of these plans, especially in relation to pension plans and in particular for SMEs, which represent two thirds of the 18 million people employed by the French private sector but less than 10% of beneficiaries.

With its new Linedata Noee offer, the unique software and service package that serves more than half of the highly concentrated market of specialized administrators, Linedata will continue to strive and bring about the industry standard system in France.

Moreover, with its Linedata Webpass offer, Linedata should experience growing success with major corporations who wish to give their employees a consolidated overview of the assets they hold in the large number of schemes at their disposals.