Trade Order Management

The so-called “time-plus-zero environment,” where trades and settlements occur in real-time, has created information overload at many buy-side firms.

You may be struggling to manage an increased volume of trades and information, fighting information overload around everything from fractured markets, to broker commission management, to connectivity. You need a single-vendor, single-screen, scalable solution that provides insight in real-time across your organization.

Actionable intelligence via Linedata Longview

By integrating clear-cut workflows, intuitive execution management and real-time market data tools, we have  taken the lead by providing you with actionable intelligence via Linedata Longview.

Linedata Longview is the award winning order management system that provides real-time transparency and insight, helping you quickly see, understand and respond to opportunities. Linedata Longview provides a highly configurable and comprehensive global trading system to support the needs of portfolio managers, traders and compliance officers.

Over 100 clients including ten of the top 25 global asset managers rely on Linedata Longview to help optimize portfolios, make trading decisions and execute transactions. By providing seamless integration to hundreds of trading destinations globally, and supporting the process from portfolio management to post-trade, Linedata Longview simplifies and automates the entire trade process.

Core Functionality
Linedata Longview is a multi-currency, multi-geography and multi-asset class solution, that can handle swaps, covered bonds, repurchase agreements, and bank debt. Linedata Longview also has the scalability and throughput capacity to handle the highest volumes that you can throw at the system.

Key functionality includes:

  • Multi-Currency, Multi-Asset Class, Multi-Site Support
  • 7-Level Hierarchy Portfolio Modeling
  • Reporting Module
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Highly Configurable Interface
  • Real-time data integration
  • Advanced Rebalancing
  • Rule-based order routing
  • High-volume execution capabilities
  • Integrated Broker Fix Connectivity with Linedata LyNX
  • Fully deployed, ASP or facilities management installations

  • Trading: Linedata Longview streamlines the trading process with leading-edge electronic trading functionality for all asset types. Linedata Longview offers embedded partner algorithms through our Liquidity Partner Program and full operations and support to all vendor venues and platforms (DMA, ECNs, ATS, Dark Pools) through our Linedata Lynx Service.
  • Linedata LongView Live: an innovative, real-time user interface for the buy-side trader, which presents large amounts of data in a visually powerful, highly configurable and scalable manner, all designed to promote the most efficient and effective workflow. Linedata Longview Live includes a host of new views, alerts and functionality, including the the Trader Dashboard,  a high level view that is used to display relevant key performance indicators (KPI’s) allowing the user to drill down quickly into more detailed information and take action.
  • Rule-based order routing directly from the front end: Proven high-volume execution capabilities to meet the market’s demands,
  • Cutting-edge Pre- and Post-Trade functionality including integration of pre-trade TCA and Post-Trade FIX Allocations
  • Portfolio Management: Linedata Longview delivers robust portfolio management functionality to maximize your time and profitability. View portfolios in real-time and generate orders across all asset types.
  • Compliance Monitoring: Linedata Longview offers robust, real-time pre-trade compliance monitoring, and flexible reporting capabilities across all markets, regulatory agencies and asset types.

Linedata Liquidity Alliance Program

Linedata’s Liquidity Alliance Program provides seamless access to liquidity pools across all asset types. By partnering with top execution venues around the globe, Linedata solutions deliver multiple trading and liquidity destinations to the user’s desktop. In addition to connecting to any FIX-enabled provider, Linedata maintains premier relationships with global execution destinations to facilitate direct access to markets, trading portals, ECNs, ATSs and algorithmic trading tools.
Liquidity Alliance Program Partners

Algorithmic Trading Destinations

ABN-AMRO – Barclays – Cazenove – Cheuvreux – Citi – Credit Suisse – Deutsche Bank – Exane – BNP Paribas – Goldman Sachs – Instinet – ITG – Jeffries – JP Morgan GES – Macquarie – Merrill Lynch – Morgan Stanley – Nomura International –  Piper Jaffray – RBC Capital Markets – Sanford Bernstein – Selero – Susquehanna International Group – Thomas Weisel Partners – UBS – ULLINK – Wells Fargo / Wachovia – Weeden

Alternative Trading Systems / Crossing / EMS

AQUA Securities – BIDS Trading – Block Cross – BNY Brokerage – Goldman Sachs – SIGMA X – ITG Channel – LeveL – Liquidnet – Millennium – Neovest – Pipeline – REDIPlus

Pre Trade Analytics / Post Trade Analytics / Settlement

Ancerno – Barclays – ESP – InfoExchange – ITG – Omgeo FIX CTM – Susquehanna International Group

Fixed Income Portal

Bloomberg Tradebook – MarketAxess – Thomson Tradeweb

FX Portal

FXall – FX Connect

Connectivity Partners

Linedata partners with industry-leading FIX network providers and consolidators to provide connectivity services to our clients and brokers. By partnering with a variety of networks, Lindata Lynx can offer fully redundant trading infrastructure and access to all requested trading destinations.

Royale Blue
SunGard STN