Portfolio Management

If you’re a portfolio manager, you need greater control and flexibility in managing portfolios. You are probably also looking for ways to streamline rebalancing, and save rebalancing sessions to quickly reproduce complex, recurring transactions. Plus, you may also be facing increased demands for transparency and responsiveness from internal and external stakeholders, and must now provide audit trails to review investment decisions with client.

Linedata Longview, your global and comprehensive trading system

Linedata Longview is the award winning Order Management System providing a highly configurable and comprehensive global trading system to support the needs of portfolio managers, to maximize their time and profitability.

Linedata Longview is a robust, mult-asset class solution which can handle derivatives and swaps with ease. It also provides deep portfolio modeling with advanced rebalancing functionality, that makes complex rebalancing the function of just a few keystrokes.

Our award-winning trading platform helps portfolio managers meet a host of industry challenges.

Core Functionality
  • Full multi-currency support
  • Easily convert your trading ideas into proposed orders
  • Support for all asset types
  • Ability to model portfolios with up to seven level hierarchies and classification
  • Powerful analytics that allow you to examine and predict trade impact on sector and portfolio-level exposures with “what if” scenarios
  • Advanced rebalancing and cash management, including simple “wizard” based rebalancing workflows and customizable rebalancing algorithms
  • Best-of-breed P&L functionality
Sophisticated Modelling – Down to a depth of 7 security classification levels.

  • Single or multi sector rebalancing
  • Rebalancing wizard equipped with many options for fine tuning outcomes
  • Auditing of rebalance sessions
  • Cash targeting