Linedata I-CIPS

Accuracy and automation in NAV and unit price calculation is critical to fund services businesses. This can be a challenging and lengthy process; funds have become more complex and timeframes are increasingly tight. 

Linedata meets this challenge by providing a scalable, stand-alone NAV and Collective Investment Price Calculation and Validation Engine, Linedata I-CIPS.

Linedata I-CIPS – a scalable, stand-alone NAV and Collective Investment Price Calculation and Validation Engine

This proven solution can streamline and automate NAV and Unit Price production, saving you time and resources and reducing risk. It is highly configurable and works with your incumbent fund accounting or portfolio management system. The pre-configured NAV and pricing templates and the pre-defined NAV validation rule library streamline the setting up and adaptation of Linedata I-CIPS, which can be aligned to your workflow and focuses on exception and breach management.

Core functionality

Linedata I-CIPS streamlines and automates NAV and Unit Price production for fund managers. It supports all fund types with pre-configured NAV/Unit Pricing templates for Unit Trusts, OEICs and life funds, providing:

  • A pre-defined rule library covering pre- and post-NAV data checks
  • Bespoke templates and validation rules can be constructed during and post implementation
  • Valuation using either a single- or dual-pricing method
  • Pricing at any frequency including any, and multiple intraday points as well as at end-of-day, weekly, etc.
  • No practical limit on the number or type of share classes with new classes easily added during the lifetime of the fund
  • User-defined rules which allow for overall fund as well as class-specific calculations
  • Handling of rebates on the price of internal and external funds
  • Retention of all NAV/pricing results and the detail supporting them
  • A full audit trail of current and historical controls, rules, parameters, NAV validation and error resolution
  • Workflow, exception and validation breach management
  • Available as a hosted or in-house solution



  • Consolidation of information across multiple accounting applications and data sources
  • Streamlining and automation of the NAV and Unit Price calculation processes
  • Lowering risk, reducing processing timescales and adding flexibility