Linedata Navquest

Sophisticated investments, complex instruments, structured products, shorted exposures, index trackers: the portfolio management industry is facing enhanced complexity, which makes daily state-of-the-art portfolio valuation a challenge. In addition, while asset managers fight to differentiate themselves, clients are more and more demanding in terms of quality, deadlines, and reduced costs.

Linedata Navquest was designed to address this challenge

Linedata Navquest, a real time and flexible NAV control

NAV calculation is not a static process, it changes over time, as regulations, contracts and risk profiles evolve. Linedata Navquest was designed in partnership with several of the largest players in the investment funds industry.

Linedata Navquest provides financial institutions of any size with the means to streamline the NAV validation process in an automated way. Through unlimited control implementations of any complexity, financial institutions reduce residual risks and improve productivity and service quality.

Core functionality
Linedata Navquest ensures real time portfolio valuation analytical control for the fund industry.

Control Map

  • NAV variation checks : performance based, investment/asset focus-based controls, composed benchmark effect with market, FX, interests & FDIs
  • NAV accounting : corporate actions controls, pricing controls
  • Fees controls
  • Tax reporting cheks


  • NAV validation flow : automated checklist with dashboard views ( historical of NAV calculations)
  • Flexible management of portfolios hierarchy
  • Audit trails : full archiving ( current and historical controls, rules, parameters, NAV validation, errors resolution)

Information flow : easily interfaced with your multiple data sources , it allows real time multiple crosschecking.