Investment Book of Records

Portfolio managers and traders rely on accurate position data in order to make the correct investment and trading decisions. Yet this information is dispersed across the organisation, updated at different times, run on different systems. Unsurprisingly, there is a drive towards creating a single, consistent view of a firm’s positions across all of its investment operations, uniting data from diverse sources both within and outside of the organization. This concept is increasingly known as an investment book of records (IBOR).

Linedata I-BOR: A proven, powerful engine that maintains and presents a complete and accurate view of positions and cash

Linedata I-BOR maintains real-time security and cash positions and provides complete and accurate information for trading, risk and reporting systems. Data is aggregated from multiple source systems and presented as a single view for better-informed decision-making.



Linedata I-BOR provides real-time position data, creating a single, consolidated view of your fund for trading, risk and reporting systems. It offers efficiency, lower risk, lower total cost of ownership and smarter decision-making intelligence.


  • Real-time security and cash positions maintained on an average cost or lot basis
  •   Transaction event life-cycle from unconfirmed, through confirmed to settled status
  •  Position management with automated capital events processing
  •  Security commitments maintained; for example on loan, used as collateral
  •  Pending orders and simulated trades supported
  •  Automated import from multiple sources throughout the working day
  •  Automated export of stock and cash positions at end-of-day, start-of-day and intraday  points
  • Positions by status or status breakdown for enquiry, report or export
  • Valuation at any point in time, including re-stated historical valuations
  • Seamless interfaces to market data vendors for reference, price and corporate action data
  • Import of market data from in-house and external sources
  • Workflow and exception management

Linedata I-BOR can be deployed in the way which best suits your organization. As business needs change, the deployment can be changed to meet them.

Linedata Hosting: cost-effective access to Linedata I-BOR. Linedata hosts and administers the hardware and IT infrastructure, leaving the client free to run the system as if it was deployed in-house. Disaster recovery arrangements are included as standard.

Linedata I-BOR In-house: A fully deployed solution for organisations that already have IT infrastructure in place, and prefer the whole system to be located at their own premises.