Linedata Mfact

Today you face a global market where well timed moves define the industry leaders and you require the advanced tools that make those moves happen.   You seek ways to outperform your peers regardless of market conditions. Fluctuating markets are one challenge, but more abound with endless reporting needs, calls for greater transparency and ever-changing regulatory requirements.

We understand that firms like yours seek the most efficient ways to overcome these hurdles and support growth. Offering tools designed by industry experts who understand your needs and help you overcome your challenges, that’s Linedata. We help you differentiate yourself from your peers positioning you for growth today and into the future.

Linedata Mfact, your award-winning fund accounting solution

Linedata Mfact is an award-winning fund accounting solution with over 20-years of proven market experience working with some of the world’s leading financial institutions. Linedata’s focus is on delivering technology that helps firms, like yours, work smarter, faster and more efficiently. With Linedata Mfact’s comprehensive instrument coverage; flexible data interfacing, reconciliation and reporting capabilities, it does just that, providing firms like yours the back office depth you require today and in the future.

Linedata Mfact is an advanced solution designed to respond to your business needs, not make you conform to someone else’s.

Linedata Mfact is a versatile global solution that can easily accommodate the needs of a variety of client types, providing full portfolio fund accounting detail for mutual funds, hedge funds, trusts, pension funds & third-party administrators.

Linedata understands that your time is valuable. Linedata Mfact is designed for rapid implementation, is available hosted or deployed and is simple to learn and to use, possessing both intuitive forms and menu structure.

At Linedata, we strive to become more than just another technology vendor but your rather your trusted partner.

However, do not just take our word for it; discover for yourself how Linedata Mfact is improving efficiencies at firms just like yours. Used today to run thousands funds in over 18 different countries Linedata Mfact is a proven global solution you can trust.

See how Linedata Mfact is working today click here for our client case study.


The Linedata Team has deep experience and a trusted reputation in developing fund accounting software.

Built on a product direction strategy designed to understand and anticipate your needs, Linedata Mfact gives you the capability to schedule and monitor workflow processes and generate rich reports; it provides tight controls and simplifies your entire fund accounting process, and comes complete with world-class support and system implementation.

Linedata Mfact is a functionally fit system designed to facilitate processing in a controlled manner with a full audit trail; complemented by comprehensive system security offered on a robust Oracle database platform.

With an inclusive range of compliance regulatory reports, including rules set forth by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service code and the Investment Company Act of 1940 and reflecting up-to-date regulatory updates,

Linedata Mfact remains focused on what you need to do to grow your business.

  • Fully integrated & real-time portfolio and general ledger
  • Exception based workflow dashboard combined with automated accounting controls
  • Rules-based pricing
  • Multiple currency share classes and class specific investments
  • Support for a wide range of security types
  • Data import wizard
  • Regulatory compliance reporting including FAS 157 and RUL2A7
  • Event/time driven task and report scheduling
  • Powerful correction processing and revaluation tools
  • Comprehensive report data extract capabilities
  • Full long & short accounting and income processing
  • Compliance with IFRS internal rate of return amortization and capitalized transaction costs methodologies
  • Integration with GainsKeeper’s wash sale reporting application
  • Scalable and secure Oracle database platform “Four eyes” oversight principal
  • Outstanding audit trail offering superior transparency
  • Integration with Linedata Compliance, Transfer Agency, OMS, PMS and Reporting products
Hosting Services

Linedata Mfact can be deployed in a number of ways. As your business changes, the deployment can change to meet new requirements.

Linedata has a wealth of experience delivering its solutions by way of ASP, over 20-years in fact. Over 30% of Linedata’s clients count on us to deliver robust and scalable solutions by way of ASP. This allows them to stay focused on growing their business while we stay focused on the infrastructure, support and technology that drives it.

Our state of the art hosting environments undergo a yearly SAS 70 audit and maintain Type II certification. Additionally both of our hosting locations are equipped to support full archive logging, allowing for full data recovery.

With hosting from Linedata you get the robust, secure and scalable solutions you seek without the overhead, maintenance and support you don’t.


In an effort to meet the diverse needs of our clients, we have developed several strategic alliances that allow us to augment our capabilities and provide additional functionality to meet those needs.

CCH Gainskeeper

Wash sales are extremely complicated, time-consuming and costly for administrators to manage. Realizing this, we have partnered with CCH GainsKeeper to offer Linedata Mfact clients a fully automated, cost effective solution to wash sale calculations. Linedata Mfact fully integrates with GainsKeeper’s wash sale software providing Linedata Mfact clients with a solution that is accurate, flexible, and requires no manual calculation or intervention.

Confluence Technologies

Linedata partners with Confluence Technologies FundStation to facilitate the distribution of fund NAV and yield information to transfer agents, NASDAQ, etc.

Data Vendors

Linedata partners with a wide range of data vendors to directly load prices, corporate action data, security master information, trades, cash settlements, capital share activities, variable rates and reconcile positions. Some of our preferred partners are

Bear Stearns – Bloomberg – Bond Buyer – FRI – FT Interactive Data – Goldman Sachs – Morgan Stanley – Muller – Muni Market Data – Rueters – Standard & Poors- State Street