Linedata Icon

The volume, frequency and complexity of changes that Asset Management back offices of all types have to deal with has been steadily increasing. Today the volume of change is greater and the pace faster than ever, with more regulation, new fund types, different securities and the drive for efficiency and cost saving.

Only a system offering rich functionality, automation and able to adapt to change within the installed version can meet these challenges.

Linedata Icon, a complete back office platform for investment administration / fund accounting

Linedata Icon is a complete back-office investment management, fund accounting, portfolio valuation and fund pricing solution. Centred on its core, real-time, multi-currency accounting system, Linedata Icon manages stock positions, generates, records and accounts for all investment transactions and calculates accurate Net Asset Values and prices for multi-class collective investment funds.

Clients can run more of their business on Linedata Icon, eliminating spreadsheets and other systems, as well as allowing the volume of business handled to be increased without necessarily expanding the number of staff to do it. Either deployed in-house or hosted, Linedata Icon is a cost-effective solution for investment administration/fund accounting.


An Integrated, Core Solution

A combination of functionality and flexible configuration allows more of a business’ operations and processes to be handled within Linedata Icon.

It is the system of record at the hub of the organization with comprehensive file-based import and export facilities and Open Database Connectivity to the Linedata Icon database.

Automating Routine Processes

A high degree of automation, from transaction generation through to process scheduling means that most routine operations can be automated to run “hands off” and out of business hours. Reduced manual input and genuine “hands-off” operation provide significant cost and time savings.

Adaptable and Configurable

Customers can take advantage of innovations in the market as and when they occur, adapting to new requirements without needing any development.

Single or Multiple Business Units

Linedata Icon’s ability to manage multiple, discrete business enterprises with complete security on one instance of Linedata Icon also makes it ideal as the core system of a Third Party Administration (TPA) service. The Linedata Icon platform applies whether looking to offer, or contract for, a fully outsourced service.

Ease of Implementation

A standard “out of the box”, fully operational system that can then be configured to meet exact requirements.

  • Real-time security positions, account postings and balances maintained with up to three costs, each in three currencies.
  • Lot-based and average cost accounting
  • Local GAAP and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • Manual and automatic income and capital corporate action processing
  • Valuation directly from real-time security and accounting positions
  • Collective investment funds’ price calculation based on a single-price or a dual-price valuation. Multi-class, including currency classes.
  • Seamless two‑way interfaces to a range of data vendors for security reference data, prices, exchange rates and corporate actions
  • Over 150 standard reports
  • Integral Report Writer, accessing the whole Linedata Icon database for custom reports
  • Import/export facilities covering the whole Linedata Icon database
  • Generic API
  • Process diary/scheduler
  • Multi-enterprise within a single Linedata Icon system supported
  • Deployed in-house or hosted by Linedata

Linedata Icon solutions can be deployed to suit the needs of different organizations. With a variety of options to choose from, customers can select the solution that best meets their requirements.

Linedata Hosting

  • A hosted solution provides cost-effective access to Linedata Icon functionality. Linedata hosts and administers the hardware and IT infrastructure, leaving the customer free to run the system as if it was deployed in-house.
  • Disaster recovery arrangements are included as standard.
  • An additional service offers Business Support with common system administration operations, such as portfolio maintenance and operator maintenance. Customers can concentrate on using Icon to support their core business, without the administrative overhead of running the system.

Linedata Icon In-House

A fully deployed solution for organisations that already have IT infrastructure in place, and prefer or need the whole system to be located at their own premises.

Complementary Modules

Business Process Management tools: Optima

Optima delivers a functionally rich, visually advanced set of tools to help you manage and constantly improve the fund accounting processes you use with your Linedata fund accounting solution.

Its visual, intuitive approach to monitoring means that information can be shared throughout the organization, with specific views built for different user profiles. Optima delivers a functionally rich set of tools – widgets – which will enable you to constantly improve your fund accounting processes.

NAV Validation

Providing financial institutions of any size with the means to streamline and automate the net asset value and unit price validation process, significantly reducing this labour intensive procedure.

Post-trade Compliance

Delivering comprehensive, fast, integrated compliance monitoring across all assets, markets and company locations within a single instance.

Transfer Agency and Shareholder Recordkeeping

Offering a multi-company, multi-currency solution that provides a comprehensive and proven solution for the administration of collective investment business.

Web-based Reporting

A fully integrated solution that gives you a robust reporting package accessible through deployed installation, or the Application Service Provider (ASP) or hosted models. With drag-and-drop report building tools, graphically rich management dashboards, and auditable historical data retention.