Linedata Chorus

Optimization of costs, real-time transparency, and reduction of operational risks are key challenges faced by those working in institutional asset management.

Fund managers, third-party administrators, and back-office executives… Linedata has been committed since its inception to meet all the demands of the Back Office.  Thus our offer is diversified and global to support all your current and future operations.

Linedata Chorus : your multi-accounting, multi –regulation, multi asset class back office solution

Linedata Chorus is a fund accounting solution with over 20-years of proven market experience working with some of the Europe’s leading financial institutions. Used today by more than 40 prestigious financial institutions, Linedata Chorus is a proven fund accounting solution you can trust.

Linedata Chorus is a multi-accounting, multi-European regulatory standards, multi asset class platform.


Linedata Chorus streamlines all mid and back office operations by giving you the capability to schedule and monitor workflow processes. Linedata Chorus is used by institutional portfolio and collective management companies, mutual and pension funds, insurance companies and subsidiaries of banks.

Linedata Chorus : Fund accounting & administration

  • Multi-accounting
  • Multi-European regulatory standards
  • Multi – currency
  • Multi – asset : all asset classes are coverred,
  • Advanced Portfolio and position keeping
  • Real time accounting with sophisticated parameters
  • A wide range of reports to support legal, tax and administrative reporting
  • Outstanding audit trail offering superior transparency