Business Process Management

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Linedata’s best in class fund administration tools will improve efficiency and transparency while lowering your operational risk. Yet we know that the data can work harder, the processes become even more automated and exceptions managed more efficiently and in a more timely manner. That is why we are now introducing Linedata Optima across our fund administration solutions.

Improve Control – Reduce Risk – Enhance Efficiency

Linedata Optima is a business process management (BPM) tool designed to work with all Linedata’s fund administration solutions. Linedata Optima helps you to get the best out of your Linedata fund administration solution by examining your processes as they happen, catching errors quickly and enabling you to fix not just that instance but to improve the processes as well – including manual tasks – in order to optimize workflow, processes and performance. This gives the immediate benefits of greater efficiency and automation, but also enables you to capture and systemise the processes and workflows such that they are no longer only held by individuals, but are contained in the system itself.

Harness the power of your system

Linedata Optima delivers a functionally rich, visually advanced set of tools to help you manage and constantly improve the fund accounting processes you use with your Linedata fund accounting solution.
Its visual, intuitive approach to monitoring means that information can be shared throughout the organization, with specific views built for different user profiles.


Linedata Optima delivers a functionally rich set of tools – widgets – which will enable you to constantly improve your fund accounting processes:

  • Highly customizable user-defined view, including column arrangement, filtering and sorting
  • Multiple user-defined views, allowing different data (for example separating errors from warnings) to be managed in discrete windows
  • Easy access through clickable widgets for each function


Event Monitor:

  • Real-time display of event messages (errors, warnings, information, etc.)
  • Event handling (re-assign, comment, close)
  • Freeze/re-start automatic real-time display

Process Monitor:

  • Real-time view of processes as they occur
  • Ability to see process in its entirety, including manual tasks which occur outside the main system
  • Graphical displays for fast, visual explanation of timelines and schedules
  • Zoom in on events and tasks for greater granularity


  • Calendar driven processes
  • User guided through selected process
  • Interaction with the underlying system
  • Design module is compliant with BPMN standard

A View from CEB TowerGroup:

“We see built-in BPM functionality as the way forward for fund administrators wishing to deploy this type of process. We see little appetite for large, stand-alone BPM solutions which lack the domain expertise for the specific workflows required. Built-in BMP solutions enable vendors to give their clients a way to make better use of the underlying system’s automation, an improved view of on-going processes and therefore a reduction of operational risk.”

Gert Raeves, Research Director in TowerGroup’s Capital Markets practice