Fund Accounting & Administration

The Global Challenge for the Back Office

Wherever you work in the back office, you have probably seen a dramatic change in your business in the post-recession world; increased demands for transparency and responsiveness by regulators and investors have put more pressure on you to produce more insight, faster than ever before.

Some funds have chosen to outsource fund administration to a third-party administrator (“TPA”). Rather than reduce the workload for the back office, this often adds work as funds continue to calculate their own net asset values.

The outlook isn’t any brighter for those funds that have kept their fund administration in-house, since all buy-side firms need to meet a higher standard of disclosure to comply with regulations and meet investor requirements.

TPAs are facing the prospect of growing client rosters, as more firms outsource their fund administration. Yet, with lower assets under management, the commoditization of administration and reduced fees, some TPA firms are struggling to find ways to service these clients profitably and are looking for ways to diversify their service offering to create differentiation and justify higher fees.

Two Back Offices With Similar Challenges

If you are at a buy-side fund that uses a TPA, or does its own fund administration in-house, you’re wrestling with greatly increased demands for transparency and responsiveness. This has probably increased your responsibilities internally, but has not given you the resources you need to actually get the work done.

On the other hand, if you are a TPA, you are probably looking for ways to enhance your service offering to bolster revenues. This can be a tall order, as lower assets under management have tested your business model, reducing the assets available to expand services, or even keep up with the current workflow.

Our Solution

Whether you work in the back office of a buy-side firm or a third-party administrator, we can help you meet the new challenges of the back office with our comprehensive back office software.

Linedata’s comprehensive fund administration software helps third party administrators grow revenues and differentiation with enhanced services such as flexible reporting and compliance.

We also provide highly intuitive, easily customized and quickly deployed buy-side fund accounting software, to help you increase efficiencies without ramping up an IT spend.

We offer the industry’s best fund accounting software, which embody powerful combinations of compliance monitoring, reporting and portfolio management capabilities along with its core accounting systems.

Linedata has the unique ability to deliver best-of-breed core products are tightly integrated with one another, but also modular enough to work with proprietary or third-party solutions. Our back office software is also available via many deployment options to support your growth and minimize overhead.

With comprehensive platforms for the back office, Linedata provides a complete, scalable solution for both TPAs and asset management firms.