Execution Management

If you’re a buy side trader, you have probably experienced an exponential increase in the amount of data that you are required to absorb, interpret and act upon. Managing market fragmentation, broker commissions, and connections to execution venues can distract you from what you’re good at: Generating alpha.

Linedata Longview Live, an innovative and powerful execution management interface

Linedata has leveraged its powerful architecture and Microsoft’s industry-leading graphics technology, to provide actionable insights and execution management functionality on a single database. This new solution is Linedata LongView Live, an expanded module for the LongView Trading platform, which offers you an innovative, real-time user interface.

Linedata LongView Live presents large amounts of data in a visually powerful, highly configurable and scalable manner to promote the most efficient and effective workflow. It also includes execution management functionality, so you can spot opportunities, and take advantage of them on the same platform.

Core Functionality
  • Puts key information right at the users’ fingertips
  • Drastically reduces workflow steps
  • Highly configurable and scalable
  • High level views display user defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Real-time market data integrated Snapshot view
  • Groundbreaking Venue Distribution tool
  • Trade with multiple venues simultaneously while maintaining full control
  • Never miss a market-moving event with alert functionality
  • Intuitive commission-management tool
  • Single block and list trading
  • Technical analysis & drawing tools
  • Trader Dashboard: The Trader Dashboard is a high level view that is used to display relevant key performance indicators (KPI’s) allowing the user to drill down quickly into more detailed information and take action. The dashboard is very configurable and allows the user to choose from a number of KPIs including: Total Exposure, Market Value of orders on desks, Top orders, etc. From here, the user can drill down into more detailed information by simply clicking on the appropriate section of the dashboard.
  • Snapshot View: The Snapshot View provides users with access to real-time market data to manage flow efficiently and consolidate disparate market data elements into an intuitive, easy-to-view format. The technology behind LongView Live allows the application to be sourced from any market data provider. The Snapshot View displays Level II market data as well as a configurable real-time charting package for a selected name that the buy-side trader is working.
  • Venue Distribution Tools: These unique tools enable users to manage order flow in multiple venues simultaneously.
  • Alerts / Alerts Manager: Buy-side traders require the ability to keep track of market-moving events for the list of stocks they are monitoring. The LongView alerts manger allows the user to easily create custom alerts and monitor changes quickly and effectively.
  • Commission Dashboard: The Commission Manager provides users with an easy to use and visual commission management tool. This functionality allows the user to see how much money is being spent and with which broker and how that relates to budget.