The Compliance Challenge

In the current market, you face the threat of disruption, as a host of new, far-reaching regulations are enacted for fund managers. You need to be able to respond quickly to avoid expensive mistakes. At the same time, the new economics of the buy-side means you have less money and time to burn on labor-intensive tasks.

Linedata Compliance, your pre-and post-trade compliance solution

Linedata Compliance provides real-time pre- and post-trade investment compliance monitoring, incident tracking and breach management, helping you save time and money while reducing operational risk.

Linedata Compliance can also handle all the complexity you can throw at it, monitoring compliance at sites around the world on a single instance, and moving easily across geographies, markets and assets.

Linedata Compliance can handle complexity, but it can also make it simple. Linedata Compliance offers intuitive rule-building tools, giving you the ability to create and maintain your own restrictions even if you are a non-technical business user.

Linedata Compliance can grow with your firm

Linedata Compliance is all about flexibility and scalability. It is available as a deployed, application service provider (ASP) or hosted solution. It can work as a stand-alone solution at your firm, or as a seamlessly integrated platform within Linedata’s front-, middle- and back-office solutions.

Linedata Compliance can grow with your firm, whether you are a regional money manager or a global powerhouse. Linedata Compliance handles clients at all ends of the spectrum, and is deployed at some of the world’s largest global institutions and custodians.

Core functionality

Linedata Compliance offers robust, real-time compliance monitoring and flexible reporting capabilities across all markets, regulatory agencies and asset types. It also provides comprehensive monitoring of investment restrictions, and meets the most stringent audit trail requirements.

Linedata Compliance also includes:

  • Extensive rule library spanning common firm-wide, regulatory, prospectus, and client directed restrictions;
  • Comprehensive reporting facility featuring dashboard views including trend analysis
  • Drag and drop report designer
  • Report scheduler
  • Customizable breach management workflows manage compliance issues from creation to resolution tracking,
  • Comprehensive, electronic audit trails
  • Look-through capabilities on funds and derivatives