Advanced Trading Platform

As a trader, you need reliable pre-trade compliance checks and integrated execution management tools. You are also likely to look for ways to streamline your trading process and take advantage of market activity. You may also want to eliminate multiple trading systems and maximize your screen real estate and have the ability to customize your trading platform. Additionally, you require global connectivity to algorithms, dark pools and advanced trading systems.

Linedata Trader+, Experience Smarter Trading

Linedata Trader+ allows buy-side traders to experience smarter trading with its new and advanced trading platform. Offering a flexible workspace, reliable pre-trade compliance checks, execution management functionality and integrated workflow, Linedata Trader+ provides an intuitive and immersive user experience.

Developed using the latest generation of technology, Linedata Trader+ offers a full, single platform in a visually rich environment and is easily implemented as a hosted or deployed service.

Linedata Trader+ offers innovative trading capabilities using embedded partner algorithms through our Liquidity Alliance Program. Integrated with the fully managed Linedata Lynx service, Linedata Trader+ offers market access to 400+ global brokers and 50 partners (ATS, dark pools, broker algo’s, TCA, etc.).

Easily interfaced with any order management or position management system, Linedata Trader+ can be dynamically tied to the underlying database; in turn giving the full history for the life of a trade available at your fingertips. Linedata Trader+ offers a next generation trade blotter and streamlines the trading process with leading-edge electronic trading functionality for multiple asset types.

By Traders, For Traders

Developed by traders, for traders, Linedata Trader+ was developed with pure broker neutrality at its core. The platform enables traders to eliminate multiple trading systems and maximize screen real estate by allowing individuals to choose their necessary tools.

Linedata Trader+ addresses the many challenges faced by buy-side traders by offering an advanced trading platform that fully positions them to take advantage of market activity, while reducing their risk.

All you need in one place

A full service solution, Linedata Trader+ offers advanced trading tools, compliance, market data and global connectivity all in one system.


This powerful solution offers:

  • Drastically reduced workflow steps
  • Highly configurable and scalable platform
  • Real-time market data
  • Ground breaking venue distribution tool
  • Customizable alert functionality and column creation
  • Intuitive commission-management tool
  • Integrated pre- and post- TCA analysis
  • Powerful search and watch lists
  • Technical analysis & drawing tools
  • Insightful charts plotting real time executions
  • Fast and simple order entry
  • Customized screens
  • Dramatically easy to use trade blotter
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Example of a Workspace

Example of a workspace

Easily Configurable Blotter

Dynamic Charts with Order Specific Information

Dynamic Charts

Placement Protection