Institutional Investment

The world continues to change for institutional asset managers. Investors and regulators have never been more demanding, pushing for increased transparency and responsiveness and a reduction of operational risk. At the same time, you’re facing information overload on your trading desk, and trying to find ways to manage the byzantine labyrinth of broker commission and connectivity. Plus, you need to manage all of these challenges with fewer resources, as reduced fees and volumes place an increased emphasis on cost.

Linedata :  your multi asset, front to back solutions provider

We cover the needs for institutional clients from asset managers, pension and mutual funds, private wealth managers and third-party administrators. Linedata has more than one hundred front-office clients of all sizes, including 10 of the top 25 asset managers by funds under management, along with more than 200 clients using Linedata’s comprehensive back-office solution.

Linedata’s comprehensive offering for institutional clients spans front- to back-office, from pre-trade through post-settlement, with reporting and compliance offerings that work across your entire business. To be sure, this comprehensive offering is made up of best-of-breed solutions that are modular and highly scalable, and can work with your existing third-party or proprietary technology tools.

We’ve worked hard to ensure that our solution is multi-currency, multi-geography, multi-asset class… multi-everything, so that you can focus on your business without having to worry about your infrastructure.

Linedata’s comprehensive solution for institutional funds offers complete deployment flexibility. For enterprise-deployed clients, we ensure that you receive the integration, implementation and customization that you need on-time and on-budget. We also have application service provider (ASP), Software as a Service (SaaS) and fully-hosted options for most of our products, backed by experience with network-based service that began before any of these terms even existed.

Our Solutions

The comprehensive, award-winning front- to back-office solution includes:

  • Linedata Longview: The award winning platform for institutional asset managers offers a unique, integrated global approach to portfolio management, trading and compliance.  Real-time insights across the entire business helps to quickly see, understand and respond to opportunities.
  • Linedata’s comprehensive solution for back-office: Linedata’s solutions for the back office span fund accounting, partnership accounting and shareholder accounting, to deliver best-of-breed core products across all geographies that are tightly integrated and available via flexible deployment.
  • Linedata Compliance: With a sophisticated but intuitive rule builder designed for business users, Linedata Compliance provides comprehensive counterparty exposure and full look-through capabilities.
  • Linedata Reporting: Linedata’s reporting tool includes an intuitive report writer, along with complete cross-product integration for Linedata solutions, proprietary platforms and other third-party tools.

Why us?

We are a reliable, experienced, single-vendor solutions provider that will make the long-term investment to support your growth.