Front-to-back trading and risk management


Linedata Derivation’s market-leading front-to-back accounting, trading and risk management software covers the full range of user requirements in a single software package.

With custom development work included as part of the software implementation process Derivation will slot in seamlessly with clients’ existing systems and workflow.

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  • Comprehensive solutions: Linedata Derivation is a complete front-to-back system providing powerful solutions for all aspects of portfolio management, risk management and accounting.
  • Seamless integration: Linedata Derivation has experience integrating with a variety of third party systems: data providers, prime brokers, fund administrators, OMS, EMS, in-house systems and others.
  • Ultimate scalability: Linedata Derivation has been designed with three points in mind: speed, reliability and scalability. With the power to calculate analytics for thousands of positions in real time, Linedata Derivation is scalable to suit clients’ needs: from one desk start-up hedge funds to multiple trading desks across geographically dispersed locations.
  • Expert support: Linedata Derivation’s support team is manned by system experts with an exceptional level of knowledge and service. Near 24hr support coverage is provided across Asia, EMEA and North America to ensure any issues are addressed in an expeditious, timely manner.
  • Tailored development: Linedata Derivation’s development is largely client-driven. Customers benefit from a consultative relationship providing a highly developed system which may be enhanced to suit individual needs and requirements
About Linedata Derivation

Linedata Derivation was born a derivatives system, built to handle the complexities of such instruments. Through development spanning 19 years, its functionality has grown to encompass a complete front-to-back cross-asset system, suitable for many different Hedge Fund strategies, from equities to multi-strategy derivatives.

Linedata Derivation maintains a client driven approach to development, with new features within Linedata Derivation developed hand in hand with customers. Clients also benefit from an unrivalled, immediate access to its dedicated support team. With the luxury of being able to select and retain talent, our support staff are helpful, competent and wholly committed to ensuring that clients are satisfied with the product.


Key Features

Download a functional overview of Linedata Derivation’s features here



Linedata Derivation can be deployed as a local installation or as a ‘Software as a Service (SaaS)’ solution via the Microsoft RemoteApp platform. In both cases the Linedata Derivation look and feel remains exactly the same, but the hosted solution is accessed by logging in via a web interface. This means the powerful Linedata Derivation Back End is maintained and run by our own support staff. For clients, this allows reduced capital expenditure on IT equipment and on-going maintenance costs and also outsources some of the requirement for IT support, thus freeing up headcount to concentrate on the core business.

For our hosted solution, Linedata Derivation has sourced the newest technology in cloud computing to design and build a cutting-edge high availability (HA) platform. This enables a robust and cost-effective deployment of our risk and portfolio management system.

Capitalizing on the latest technological innovations, our solution has been engineered to ensure clients have continuous access to their data. This world-class resilience has been ensured through 4 levels of protection: high quality infrastructure, real-time replication, off-site Disaster Recovery and a secure suite of back-ups.

Linedata Derivation’s high specification servers are held across separate Tier 4 (ANSI.TIA-942 specification) data centers. Widely considered the gold standard, Tier 4 is the most robust type of data center, providing multiple independent power supplies, 24hr security and access control.

Key Features

  • Hosted solution using Microsoft RemoteApp
  • Simple set-up, device independent
  • ‘Triple redundancy’ protection against machine and data center failure
  • Microsoft Hyper-V extended replication
  • Microsoft SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability Groups database solution
  • IP address white-listing and RSA SecureId tokens for secure access
  • Dedicated technical and operational support



From the very start of the sales process, our clients’ needs are taken into serious consideration. We believe that our role is not to sell a product but to identify and match where our software can provide solutions for clients. For the majority of customers the vast functionality of Linedata Derivation meets their needs from day one, but where work is required to extend the functionality we operate effectively as a software consultancy. In this way, when clients buy Linedata Derivation their feature requests are loaded into the development cycle and timelines agreed.

During the process customers may test Linedata Derivation’s capabilities for themselves and time is taken to understand the detail of any extra requirements and the relevant technicalities. Throughout this time an account manager will take time to listen and discuss customer requirements, concerns, priorities and future development plans.

For any queries, or to request a Linedata Derivation demo or free 30-day trial please call: + 44 (0)20 7360 1800


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Linedata has worked with over 200 start-ups around the globe. We understand your challenges and can work with you to find the right deployment choice, implementation priorities and connectivity to have you up and running fast.

What’s more, implementation, interfaces and connectivity are included in the price of the Alpha Approach: your start-up solution costs are clear up-front.

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