Portfolio Management and Middle Office

No matter how many different strategies you run, how complex the instruments you trade, or how high your volumes, you need total control of your portfolios and transactions with the ability to satisfy investors’ transparency requirements.

Linedata’s Portfolio Management solution provides you with total control of your portfolios and transactions, from the front office straight through to the back office. Designed specifically to meet the needs of the alternative investment community, it supports multi-currency, multi-asset class and multi-strategy investing.

With an intuitive front end which enables fast customization and precise information management, getting a clear view of all your portfolio positions has never been easier. Our clients say that choosing Linedata Portfolio Management has improved their investors’ confidence through deployment of recognized industry-leading specialist software.


Linedata Portfolio Management is an intuitive end-to-end system from order entry straight through to settlement and custody. With the portfolio management software you can organize all your data on the same page, maximizing performance, reducing errors, handling your workflow and processes efficiently and cost-effectively, and provide full data audit trails.

Our portfolio management software has the scalability to handle the increasing trading volumes that are resulting from market volatility, fragmentation of liquidity across executions venues, and the evolution of large hedge funds into quasi-institutions.  Features including parallel processing minimise the time taken to process trades and ensure a true, real-time view of positions and P&L. You can choose from a full range of deployment options from fully deployed to fully managed.

Key Features
  • Supports multi-currency, multi-asset class and multi-strategy investing
  • Choice of P&L methodologies
  • Multi-Prime Broker, Administrator and third party software connectivity
  • Intuitive user interface for fast data access and precise customization
  • Comprehensive API, allowing rapid development of custom .Net applications to extend core functionality
  • Powerful reporting tools (for Intraday P&L, counterparty risk and other report monitoring)
  • Full data audit trails
  • Solutions for any size or type of infrastructure, from fully deployed to ASP.
  • Highly scalable architecture with parallel processing for speed, accuracy and a true real-time view

Linedata Portfolio Management Positionmanager

Linedata Portfolio Management Positionmanager is a real-time position management tool, providing tick-by-tick price changes, position updates and reporting of realised and unrealised P&L, market values, risk exposure and real time net asset values (NAVs). An intuitive reporting interface, Linedata Portfolio Manager Positionmanager provides consistent and powerful real-time views of P&L and exposures across funds and strategies.


Linedata works with a range of partners, including third party service providers, third party vendors and implementation partners.

Third Party Service Providers

Linedata partners with prime brokers and fund administrators for whom we develop private-labeled and bundled products for packaging with their own services. Linedata Portfolio Management also provides FIX trading connectivity to most of the world’s major brokers, whether for route-to-desk trading, notification-of-execution, Direct Market Access (DMA), or algorithmic trading services.

Third Party Vendors

Linedata Portfolio Management interfaces with a wide variety of third party software tools, enabling end clients to build the infrastructure of their choice around our core database.

Certified Partner Programme (CPP)

Certified Partners are eligible to participate in Linedata Portfolio Management software product implementations. Such partners enable us to extend our implementation and project management capabilities whilst remaining focused on product development. CPP partners are taken through an intense training course, complete with compulsory examination, covering Linedata Portfolio Management’s core products, technology and methods. Please contact your Linedata representative for more information.