Order Management

In a world where information is coming from all sides, increasingly stringent investor requirements are driving greater transparency and legislation is looming, hedge funds are demanding more accurate, timely and actionable information delivered in a cost-effective manner.

You can see, understand and act on the most vital data with Linedata Order Management, an intuitive solution which handles multi-prime and complex client mandates, multi-manager strategies and diverse fund strategies from long/short equity through absolute return to global macro. Designed for ease of use and integrating clear-cut workflows, execution management and real-time market data tools, Linedata Order Management enables efficient, informed trading.


Linedata Order Management provides real-time transparency and insight, helping you quickly see, understand and respond to opportunities. Multi-prime, multi-asset class and multi-currency, it provides a comprehensive yet intuitive global trading system.

By providing seamless integration to hundreds of trading destinations globally, Linedata Order Management simplifies and automates the entire trade process.

Key Features
  • Multi-currency, multi-asset class, multi-strategy, multi-site support
  • Rebalancing of a single fund, or across multiple funds using pre-defined models and targets
  • Allocation across multiple prime broker / custodian accounts
  • Powerful analytics to evaluate what-if trade scenarios
  • 7-level hierarchy portfolio modeling
  • Customisable user interface
  • Electronic trading using FIX to automate and streamline trading activities
  • Customisable pre- and post-trade compliance and mandate checking
  • Real-time data integration
  • Rule-based order routing
  • Scalable architecture and high-volume execution capabilities
  • Full connectivity with accounting systems, settlement systems, data vendors, and other third-party applications
  • Real-time N-tier message-based architecture
  • Fully deployed, ASP or facilities management installations

Linedata Lynx

Linedata Lynx includes all the services that you need to trade electronically in today’s global marketplace. Linedata Lynx automates the trading cycle, from IOIs to executions to post-trade processing, and provides an easy, comprehensive solution for electronic trading of all asset types.

Linedata Lynx connects with any FIX-enabled destination, delivering direct access to markets, trading portals, ECNs, algorithmic trading tools and ATSs globally to Linedata customers