The alternative investment market is becoming more institutionalized, with increased regulation and demands for greater transparency from investors. As competition for assets increases, you need to deploy tools which give an overview of all aspects of your business, allowing you to quickly identify and act on exceptions, and to provide the detailed and dynamic reporting that stakeholders now demand.

Our brandable web-enabled reporting package delivers transparency, automation and satisfies the reporting requirements of the most exacting clients.

Linedata Global Hedge Reporting has the power to create standardized or custom reports to suit your business, helping you distribute information and mitigate risk. No programming knowledge or expertise is needed to use our advanced data capture and easy to use drag-and-drop report designer. Designed to interface with the data and business logic in Linedata Global Hedge for accuracy and security, our reporting solution improves workflow and delivery capabilities, including a task scheduler to produce automated monthly reports.

It streamlines your internal and client communications, giving you the competitive edge to differentiate your offering and grow your business.

Key Features
  • Drag-and-drop report designer
  • Out-of-the-box report templates available including preconfigured and extensible data libraries and customizable dashboard views
  • Access and views permissioned by user
  • Interactive data grids for real time sorting and grouping
  • Graphing and charting features
  • Event or time based generation and delivery
  • Flexible delivery mechanisms (FTP, e-mail, network directory)
  • Document browser to retrieve historic reports
  • SLA tracking and data review workflow management
  • Permissionable real-time alerting and notifications
  • Web-interface enabling easy internal and external user access