Investor Accounting

Linedata Global Hedge Investor Accounting

Increasingly, hedge funds are adopting complex fund structures to accommodate the needs of clients or to run more traditional fund structures such as UCITS. Linedata Global Hedge Investor Accounting is a leading shareholder recordkeeping solution backed by over 10-years of proven market experience and used by some of the world’s largest institutions. We give you the technology to accurately manage shareholder data, deliver first-class customer service, and build insightful reports.

You can easily manage all aspects of investor interaction, from capital activity and investor profiles, straight through to contact history with Linedata Global Hedge Investor Accounting. It includes investor allocations and performance fee functionality, meeting the demands of a complex, multi-tiered fund.

Key Features
  • Allocates Income / Expense buckets
  • Master / Feeder and Tiered structures
  • Allocations
    • Top Down from Master to Feeders to Funds
    • Definable Allocation Basis
    • Currency Exchanges
  • Investor P&L Allocations
  • Special Allocations:
  • Side Pockets
  • Class Specific and New Issues
  • Fees:
    • Fund / Class / Investor level
    • Asset-based, Performance and Fixed
    • Calculated at Each Level of the Structure
    • Performance Fee Equalization and Series Rollups
  • Flexible Reporting

Linedata Global Hedge Investor Allocations

Linedata Global Hedge Investor Allocations uses state-of-the-art flowcharting technology to chart complex fund structures, automatically setting these up within the product. Based on a feed from a fund accounting system, the allocations module will calculate the net asset values for feeder funds, share classes and series funds, in addition to gains/losses for individual partners, incorporating any necessary fee calculations at partner, class and fund levels.

Performance Fees: Linedata Global Hedge Investor Allocations caters for all major performance fee methodologies including contingent liquidation, depreciation deposit and series of shares, utilizing flat or tiered incentive fee rates. Flexible design ensures that complex floating rate and index based hurdles can be calculated and maintained.