Linedata Global Hedge Compliance

For alternative investment managers the landscape is changing. Regulation has arrived for most jurisdictions, more institutional investors are active in the sector and they are demanding greater transparency and improved risk monitoring. At the same time the rise of other investment vehicles such as UCITS mean that the alternative investment market has a greater requirement for robust pre- and post-trade compliance than ever before.

Linedata Global Hedge Compliance, our enterprise compliance monitoring and breach management solution, focuses on simplifying the complex business requirements of hedge funds, delivering comprehensive, fast, integrated compliance monitoring across all assets, markets and company locations within a single instance. This robust, real-time solution offers comprehensive pre- and post-trade monitoring of investment restrictions including client, firm, prospectus and regulatory mandates while meeting the most stringent audit trail requirements. Intuitive rule template building wizards provide non-technical business users with the ability to create and maintain their own restrictions.

Core Functionality
  • Regulatory, company-wide and client-directed restrictions, including UCITS rules
  • Real-time pre-trade compliance monitoring
  • Regional / market driven post-trade compliance monitoring
  • Flexible and intuitive breach management workflow
  • Multi-level pre-trade breach overrides
  • Full breach, rule assignment and data audit trails
  • Counterparty exposure monitoring
  • Extensive rule template library
  • Flexible rule template wizards allows user determined variables on assignment for any data item referenced within the rule
  • Dynamic look-through capabilities on funds and derivatives
  • Master / Feeder Fund of Fund support
  • Benchmark / Model deviation