Compliance Managed Service


Linedata Compliance Managed Service is specifically developed to assist in meeting compliance challenges across different geographies and jurisdictions.

Easily accessible over the web and fully managed by our service team, regulatory rules are deployed in the background. Our team of experts update regulatory rules by continuously monitoring global markets.

  • An intuitive dashboard features critical data points and compliance breaches.
  • Alerts appear on your screen when they apply to a position.
  • Standard rules sets are included such as:-
  • Choose from a library of standard reports for post-trade compliance checks
  • Add your own custom reports
  • Built-in disaster recovery and business continuity features
  • Decreases the burden on in-house resources and costs.

Take control of your compliance, drill down into breaches, close them, add attributes, and assign other users on the fly, add notes, and email. As regulations become more complex, keeping track and remaining compliant becomes more challenging. Linedata Compliance Managed Service provides the ideal solution to help your business remain compliant, globally, efficiently, accurately.

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