Linedata Reporting

The alternative investment market is becoming more institutionalized, with the prospect of increased regulation and demands for greater transparency from investors. As competition for assets increases, you need to deploy tools which give an overview of all aspects of your business, allowing you to quickly identify and act on exceptions, and to provide the detailed and dynamic reporting that stakeholders now demand.

Linedata Reporting makes it easy to create reports

Linedata Reporting is a robust reporting package seamlessly integrated with every component in Linedata’s comprehensive solution. Linedata Reporting, available through deployed installation or web-based Application Service Provider (ASP) or hosted models, makes it easy to create sophisticated reports for both internal and external reporting.

Linedata Reporting, the most intuitive and robust solution

Linedata Reporting is the most simple, intuitive and robust reporting solution in the market. Its drag-and-drop report building tools, graphically rich management dashboards and its auditable historical data retention will provide you and your investors with customized, accurate and in-depth reports.

Linedata Reporting makes it easy to create sophisticated reports for both internal and external reporting. With an easy-to-use drag-and-drop report designer and preconfigured access to extensive data libraries, it eliminates the need to write code when creating great looking customized reports.

We understand that visually appealing reports only matter if they are relevant to you and your stakeholders: Linedata Reporting’s customizable dashboards let you quickly see exceptions, providing an immediate overview of all necessary information. Hyperlinks let you navigate directly to the problem areas, drilling down to show all the details. Charts and graphs also make the information that much easier to absorb, breaking down portfolio activity and providing trend analysis.

Core Functionality

Linedata Reporting is a simple, intuitive and robust reporting solution which is fully integrated into Linedata’s comprehensive solution for the alternative investment market. Its ease of customization is backed by a commitment to data integrity; because Linedata Reporting utilizes comprehensive, permission-based access, it keeps the underlying data safe from changes being made to the look and feel of the report.

Functionality includes:

  • Fully integrated into Linedata’s comprehensive hedge fund solution
  • Easy to use drag-and-drop feature to create customized reports
  • Historical retention of information for audit purposes
  • Out-of-the-box reports templates available
  • Available as fully deployed, hosted or ASP
  • Preconfigured and extensible data libraries
  • Customizable dashboard views
  • Trend analysis
  • Package reports to create a report book
  • Scheduled report delivery
  • Flexible delivery mechanisms (FTP, e-mail, network directory)
  • Document browser to retrieve previously generated reports
  • Distribute reports and report books as a single branded PDF
  • Web-interface allows both internal and external user access