Transfer Agency, Investor Administration and Income Allocations

Linedata Mshare

Transfer Agents have seen a change in client demands, with traditional asset managers adopting some hedge fund traits, and latterly with hedge funds stepping into asset management territory by establishing more traditional fund structures such as UCITS, reflecting an increased appetite for absolute return type funds in the retail market.

Linedata Mshare is a leading transfer agency and shareholder recordkeeping solution backed by over 10-years of proven market experience and used by some of the world’s largest institutions. We give you the technology to accurately manage shareholder data, deliver first-class customer service, and build insightful reports.

Linedata MShare supports a wide range of sizes and types of domestic and offshore transfer agency operations

Linedata understands that your time is valuable. Linedata Mshare is installed quickly, available hosted or via an enterprise installation and new users can be trained quickly by an industry-experienced support team. With Linedata you get more than a technology vendor but a trusted partner.

Core Functionality

Linedata Mshare is the industry’s most advanced solution for transfer agency. Linedata Mshare caters for all of the shareholder recordkeeping requirements of traditional funds, including multi-currency transaction processing, commission accounting, anti-money laundering, distributions and user definable investor reporting.

Additionally, Linedata Mshare can cater for a wide range of alternative investment structures including hedge funds with performance fees and equalization, complex master-feeder P&L allocations, private equity commitment tracking and partnership allocations. Coupled with Linedata Mfact, Linedata Mshare provides a comprehensive fund investment and share class accounting solution for both the traditional and alternative markets, a unique proposition with potential to increase your efficiency and free up valuable resources.

Linedata Mshare caters for all major performance fee methodologies including contingent liquidation, depreciation deposit and series of shares, utilizing flat or tiered incentive fee rates. Flexible design ensures that complex floating rate and index based hurdles can be calculated and maintained

Linedata Mshare improves both efficiency and client management by giving you all the functionality needed to accurately manage shareholder data, deliver great customer service, and build insightful reports. Linedata Mshare does this by providing comprehensive data validation and an audit trail of both financial and non-financial information. A full history of all user input is accessible through intuitive inquiry screens. Because firms’ needs vary, shareholder reporting is completely flexible and user-defined shareholder reporting can be customized by fund, shareholder and interested party.

Highlights include:

  • Real-time transaction generation
  • Flexible shareholder reporting
  • Support for both traditional retail and alternative fund structures
  • Web interface
  • Web reporting
  • Intuitive online enquiry screens
  • Performance fee equalization accounting
  • Profit-and-loss allocations
  • Estimated NAVs
  • Multi-currency (FX) processing
  • Complex commission processing
  • Payment interfaces
  • Dividend processing
  • Specialized money market fund capabilities
  • Customizable anti-money laundering
  • Interfaces include Fund/SERV, FundSettle, NSCC, etc.
  • Data extract wizard

Allocations Module


Income Allocations within Master Feeders or other complex multi-level fund structures can be a challenge to administer especially on a spreadsheet. Linedata Mshare Allocations Module is a sophisticated yet intuitive solution which automates allocations for complex fund structures, calculates fees and computes then posts the Net Asset Value for each Side Pocket, Series, Share Classes or individual partner in the fund. This means you can automatically post multiple NAVs and partnership income at the click of a button. With the flexibility of spreadsheets but the security of an integrated application, our Allocations Module will take care of all the complex calculations involved in allocating P&L through these structures. It can take P&L from any fund accounting solution and automatically run the allocations process to give you fast and accurate results. Through its workflow automation and exception management, you achieve improved operational efficiency. By eliminating time consuming workarounds, the Allocations Module will reduce your firm’s operational risk and increase your operational control.


− Fully automated multiple NAV and partnership calculations

− Allocates Income / Expense buckets

− Fund / Class / Partner level fees

− Master / Feeder and Tiered structures

− Allocations

  •  Top Down from Master to Feeders to Funds
  •  Definable Allocation Basis
  •  Currency Exchanges

− Partner Allocations

− Series/Fund Class Allocations

− Special Allocations:

  •  Side Pocket Allocations
  •  Class Specific and New Issue Allocations

− Fees:

  •  Fund / Class / Partner level fees
  •  Asset, Performance and Fixed
  •  Calculated at Each Level of the Structure

−  User-definable Basis



In an effort to meet the diverse needs of our clients, we have developed several strategic alliances that allow us to augment our capabilities and provide additional functionality to meet those needs.

Partners Include

Metrosoft, Inc. provides additional services to enhance their customer service efforts, including web -based access to fund, pricing and performance information, an integrated voice response system, and electronic document warehousing.

Equisys, Inc. offers business communications solutions including Zetafax and Zetadocs, allowing users to email and fax reports automatically.

NSCC provides a centralized clearance and settlement and information service for Brokers Dealers, Banks and Mutual Funds.

RGC Communications provides printing and mailing services for shareholder communications.

BlueSky/MLS provides administrating for Blue Sky Registration.

Clear Sky provides administrating for Blue Sky Registration.

1099Pro software provides functionality to produce US Tax forms.