Fund Accounting

Linedata Mfact

Hedge funds are entering an era of increased regulation and greater investor due diligence. Meeting these requirements can prove costly and resource-hungry, adding to overheads and administrative burdens.

With increased demand for more frequent valuation, automation, flexible reporting and global accounting standards, Linedata provides complete, fully automated fund accounting solutions that improve your productivity by providing all of the functionality you need for a hedge fund back office system.

If you have more of a middle office focus, Linedata Portfolio Management is an end-to-end portfolio management system from order entry straight through to custodians and prime brokers ( click here for more information on Linedata Portfolio Management)

For comprehensive portfolio and financial accounting including tax lots and general ledger, our solution is Linedata Mfact. Operationally proven in over 18 countries around the world for over 20 years, Linedata Mfact‘s long history assures its users reliability, accuracy, and value for money, providing NAV calculation, regulatory compliance and reporting.

Linedata Mfact, a flexible and scalable solution for Hedge Fund administration

Linedata Mfact is a completely versatile fund accounting solution offering specific functionality for the administration of a wide variety of hedge funds. Linedata Mfact is particularly suited to funds that invest in complex securities, multiple currency share classes and, in combination with Linedata’s Mshare transfer agency and partnership accounting solution, can provide full support for complex master-feeder structures.  It also provides support for multi-manager structures.

Linedata Mfact’s highly scalable architecture ensures it is equally suited to large investment or third party administration companies and smaller start-up or specialized fund groups.

A flexible and open solution, Linedata Mfact enhances back-office productivity through customization, enabling it to work within existing processes and integrate with existing systems. Linedata Mfact’s NAV Dashboard allows for the monitoring of the NAV process in addition to user-defined rules to monitor potential risks. Modules such as Linedata Mfact’s task scheduler and memorised reporting functions ensure that experienced staff can dedicate their time on high value functions, rather than system processing.


In an effort to meet the diverse needs of our clients, we have developed several strategic alliances that allow us to augment our capabilities and provide additional functionality to meet those needs.

CCH Gainskeeper

Wash sales are extremely complicated, time-consuming and costly for administrators to manage. Realizing this, we have partnered with CCH GainsKeeper to offer Linedata Mfact clients a fully automated, cost effective solution to wash sale calculations. Linedata Mfact fully integrates with GainsKeeper’s wash sale software providing Linedata Mfact clients with a solution that is accurate, flexible, and requires no manual calculation or intervention.

Confluence Technologies

Linedata partners with Confluence Technologies FundStation to facilitate the distribution of fund NAV and yield information to transfer agents, NASDAQ, etc.

Data Vendors

Linedata partners with a wide range of data vendors to directly load prices, corporate action data, security master information, trades, cash settlements, capital share activities, variable rates and reconcile positions. Some of our preferred partners are

Bear Stearns – Bloomberg – Bond Buyer – FRI – FT Interactive Data – Goldman Sachs – Morgan Stanley – Muller – Muni Market Data – Rueters – Standard & Poors- State Street