Alternative & Institutional Investment

Optimization of costs, real-time transparency, and reduction of operational risks are key challenges faced by those working in institutional and alternative asset management.

Since inception Linedata has been at your side to meet your needs, with global multi-site solutions that can be integrated or modular to support your development from day to day.

We have extended our product range through strategic acquisitions, adding complementary technologies that integrate seamlessly with one another. This comprehensive offering for asset management allows Linedata to offer the best technology, and cover all institutional and alternative asset management workflows from pre-trade through post-settlement.


investment mangement platform

A Turnkey connectivity offering

Linedata Lynx is Linedata’s solution for electronic trading everywhere in the world.  Connected to over 400 institutions, Linedata Lynx gives you access to all liquidity points.

A flexible and reliable compliance solution

Linedata Compliance is the Linedata solution for ensuring pre-and post-trade compliance.  Covering all financial instruments, it is reliable, scalable and flexible, with intuitive rule-builder functionality and an extensive rules library.  Used worldwide, Linedata Compliance can be easily rolled out in your organization.

Linedata Compliance Managed Service is the new fully managed compliance solution from Linedata. Specifically developed to assist in meeting compliance challenges across different geographies and jurisdictions, the service is conveniently accessible over the web using cloud technology. In the background our expert service team monitors and updates regulatory rules, providing outsourced compliance expertise that immediately and drastically lowers risk.

Advanced and recognized reporting

Linedata Reporting is Linedata’s tool to manage your internal and external reporting. Available as both a deployed solution and as a web service, Linedata Reporting is a highly customizable solution that can meet your specific reporting needs.