The financial industry never stops evolving; every day you must adapt to grow your business. Linedata supports your growth every day, helping make your long-term vision a reality.

Linedata, your trusted advisor to build growth

Linedata is a worldwide provider of solutions and services dedicated to the investment management and credit industries.  With more than 900 people worldwide, we propose innovative solutions that are tailored to your needs from Front-office to Back-office.

Your comprehensive solutions partner for mission critical processes

Linedata has been at the service of the financial industry from day one. Its expertise is recognized by over 700 institutional clients that have put their trust in Linedata to handle their mission-critical activities.

Financial Management Intermediaries

Linedata provides a range of products to manage all types of investment processes across a wide range of firms, including  institutional portfolio and collective management companies, hedge funds, prime brokers, fund managers, transfer agents, corporate savings fund managers, and subsidiaries of banks or independents.

Insurance companies and mutuals, retirement funds and pension funds

Beyond asset management processes, Linedata offers a unique software package for Europe that manages all types of personal insurance contracts.

Major commercial and industrial businesses

Linedata works with medium and large companies to manage their employee shareholder plans, as part of privatization and capital raising operations, or for other uses such as administering databases in France and abroad.

At the heart of the Asset Management world

  • Over 100 Asset Management companies including 10 from the Top 25 worldwide trust us for the management of their Front Office.
  • 228 fund managers and administrators use our accounting and administrative solutions
  • 300 hedge funds manage their investment strategies every day with our tools
  • 6.5 million employee savings accounts administered every day by Linedata
  • We have supported the largest French insurance companies for more than 10 years

Specialised financial services providers

Linedata works with leasing, consumer credit, car finance, equipment leasing, real estate loans, and other consumer credit providers.  Linedata offers these financial institutions a unique software solution that covers all the requirements of credit and financing for both individuals and businesses.
Linedata takes charge of the design and development of its software solutions, manages integration and provides the support and hosting solutions that financial establishments require.  No matter what your profile, your size, your ambition, we can provide a service tailored to you.

At the heart of the Credit world

7.1 million credit and financing contracts managed daily
100 sites in operation  in 22 countries worldwide