Training Services

Linedata Training Services provides clients with the expertise required to maximize the benefits of Linedata’s broad range of comprehensive solutions. Regardless of which Linedata products your firm uses, our extensive curriculum is designed to address your users’ need.

Educational programs for improving efficiencies and your bottom line

Our team’s knowledge of Linedata’s solutions coupled with an innovative approach and expertise in training and education is unparalleled. Empowering your users with underlying product knowledge leads to improved firm efficiencies that support your growth and profitability.

Become a Linedata solution expert

Our training services provide the flexibility and diversity to meet your specific business needs. From quick-start programs to custom designed curriculum, our education consultants are well versed in delivering the right program to fit those needs.

Linedata Training Services can deliver programs virtually, as seminars, or one-on-one; regardless of your business needs, timeframe and budget we offer a program that ultimately reduces solution risk, reduces support calls and optimizes the workflows, efficiencies and opportunities within your organization.

Our training is offered on a regional basis in North America, Europe and Asia. This provides the reassurance of having regional experts that understand your local and cultural as well as global needs.