Linedata Gravitas Services


For asset managers seeking collaboratively outsourced services, Linedata Gravitas provides solutions for the middle office leveraging its world-class technology platform.

By combining people, process and technology, Linedata Gravitas delivers the most reliable and agile service offerings, helping asset managers create smart scale and mitigate risk.

Linedata Gravitas offers an integrated and modular suite of fund and technology services to meet asset managers’ specific needs and investor and regulatory requirements.

  • Complete Control and Customization: Linedata Gravitas provides full control to asset managers on production, analytics and review of risk statistics. Asset managers can customize asset class model, proxy of private/IPO/new securities, stress scenarios and the delivery format of risk statistics.
  • Transparency: Linedata Gravitas offers full transparency to asset managers for all risk statistic calculations and reconciliation types. Transparency is extended into processes used to deliver all risk dashboards and reports in addition to all reconciliation management and summary dashboards and reports.
  • Operational Efficiency: Linedata Gravitas has a robust process to monitor and resolve all probable discrepancies. Whether it is a simple mismatch in commission or fees on a trade, a complex calculation of interest, settlement, or maturity, a default on a bond, or a discrepancy in an underlying for a CDX trade, Linedata Gravitas has an efficient process to catch and remedy these issues.
  • Mitigation of Operational Risk: Linedata Gravitas helps mitigate operational risk by providing a custom integrated framework and tools for managing reconciliations.
  • Satisfies Internal, Investor and Regulatory Reporting, and Analysis Requirements: Linedata Gravitas ensures consistency of data and risk analytics for all three stakeholders: fund, investors and regulators. Our solution satisfies internal risk committee dashboard requirements, OPERA protocol reports for investor community and Form PF for regulatory risk filing.
  • Linedata Gravitas Expert Advantage: Linedata Gravitas’ highly experienced, passionately dedicated professionals around the globe provide responsive, energetic expert service, 24 hours a day.

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About Linedata Gravitas

Linedata Gravitas a leading provider of middle office and technology services to the asset management industry, combining dedicated professionals, industry standard processes and world-class technology to create smart scale and reduce operational risk and overall costs.

Linedata Gravitas was most recently named “Best Alternative Investment Outsourcing Platform” in the 2016 Wealth & Finance International Awards and “Most Innovative Hedge Fund Solutions Provider, US” in the 2016 Acquisition International Awards. The company has also been recognized as “Best Middle Office Solution” in the 2015 HFM US Hedge Fund Services Awards and “Best Outsourced Solution” in the 2015 HFM US Technology Awards.

Fund Services - Key Features

Risk + Portfolio Analytics

  • Enterprise Risk Analytics + Reporting Framework
  • Financial Models + What-If (or Scenario) Analysis
  • Daily Investment Portfolio + Risk Statistics Review
  • Ad Hoc Analysis + Reporting Services

Shadow Accounting

  • Trade Processing Controls + Operational Management
  • Trade + Position Blotters with Business Intelligence Capabilities
  • Wide Product Coverage + Support
  • Traditional Assets, Derivatives, Bank Debt, Financing, Paydown Factor
  • Flash Market Valuations + PnL of Positions Intra-Day
  • Shadow NAV Services


  • Position Reconciliation
  • Cash Reconciliation
  • Transaction Reconciliation
  • Profit + Loss Reconciliation
  • Futures + Over-The-Counter Reconciliation
  • Management + Summary Dashboards

Research Support

  • Credit Research Support
  • Equity Research Support
Technology Services - Key Features

Cloud + Support

  • Cloud Hosting
  • Enterprise Support
  • Cybersecurity


  • Technology Strategy + Architecture Consultancy (Virtual CTO)
  • Vendor Selection + Implementation/ PMO
  • Operational Reviews + Risk Assessments

Software Development

  • Application Development
  • Business Intelligence + Data Integration Solutions
  • Quantitative Analysis + Market Data Solutions
  • Operating Efficiency Tools + Enterprise Content Management
  • Application Monitoring + Support Services