Hosting and SaaS

For a number of years, the IT industry has been talking about SaaS (Software as a Service). We were a pioneer as an Application Service Provider (ASP) in the financial world over 10 years ago and remain committed to this approach for our full range of products and throughout our offering to the global financial community. This enables our clients to grow and rapidly roll out their services using our infrastructure.

Remove the burden of implementing and managing complex systems

The Linedata Hosting platform offers clients the ability to use Linedata’s best-of-breed products without the burden of the IT infrastructure or operational support required to maintain such complex systems. By consolidating cutting edge financial technology into a secure, highly available infrastructure and establishing the operational processes and resources for managing a fully managed environment, Linedata has set itself apart from all other vendors in the industry. Linedata Hosting offers clients the ability to focus on the bottom line – growing their business – while letting Linedata focus on its own areas of expertise – IT infrastructure and daily operational support.

Eliminate upfront capital expenditures, while reducing recurring operational costs

Linedata offers the technology infrastructure and the operational support services to maintain our software products within a Linedata-hosted facility. Hosting comprises the following types of service offerings:

  • Application Service Provider (ASP) – solutions are implemented in a shared physical infrastructure and support organization
  • Facilities Management – Based on the same concepts as ASP, but with a dedicated and distinct infrastructure and resources

Clients of Linedata Hosting receive comprehensive functional and technical support for all Linedata applications through our hosted services team. Firms can eliminate upfront capital expenditures while reducing recurring operational costs. Our professional team helps firms eliminate the daily challenges of application management and support and allows them to focus on their core business objectives.