Webinar Replay: Assessing the Risks of Cybercrime in Financial Service Organizations

In this ISITC Europe webinar replay, hear Ciaran Askin, Financial Crime Prevention Manager at Columbia Threadneedle London, explain what cybercrime is, the types of attack and the potential costs of an attack. He also covers the deep dark web, on-line anonymity an approaches to managing the threat.

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Linedata Web Seminar: Investment Book Of Records – A Practical Overview

Our panel of experts strip back some of the mythology and take a look at the practicalities of IBOR.

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Linedata Webinar Replay – Asset Management Perspectives for 2014

Hear from Dusyhant Shawrawat of CEB TowerGroup and Gavin Little-Gill of Linedata as they explore the challenges and priorities faced by asset managers as we head into 2014.

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Linedata Webinar Replay – AIFMD: Benefit with fully automated controls & reporting

The AIFM (Alternative Investments Fund Management) Directive will be formally adopted in July 2014.

These regulations are aimed at regulating asset management activities for all investment funds that do not fall under UCITS IV, including hedge funds, funds of funds, private equity funds, real estate funds and other non-compliant UCIs.

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Linedata Webinar Replay – Aligning Investment Decisions & Trade Execution to Drive Investment Performance & Manage Risk

Aligning investment decision-making and trade execution is core to a buy-side firm’s ability to generate and safeguard alpha, as well as manage risk.

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