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  • Isn’t it time to get on board with NAV validation automation?

    Despite the advances in technology, it is surprising that numbers are still being crunched manually in certain key fund management operations.

  • Fund industry must act now or face crunch time in the final countdown to Global FATCA, says Linedata

    With the starting line for implementation only two months away, Justin Hayes, product manager at Linedata says fund administrators and investment managers need to get to grips with the OECD’s Common Reporting Standards, dubbed ‘Global FATCA’, before it is too late.

  • Six signs your security program is obsolete

    If unacceptable downtime due to malware, failed audits, and data leakage aren’t clear enough indicators, then here are six more clues that your security program is edging towards its inevitable retirement.

  • Fund Admin and Liquid Alts

    Fund Administration and Liquid Alternative Mutual Funds: the growth of liquid alts has lead fund administrators to expand their offering to include these funds. Some of the challenges of this hybrid can be addressed through technology.

  • Under Scrutiny

    The profile of compliance has been raised tremendously over the past five years. Compliance technology both impacts and has been impacted by this.

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