Information Kits

Information Kits

  • Profiting from the data deluge

    The spread of electronic trading across asset classes poses significant challenges, but investment managers that can harness the data explosion to deliver better performance will thrive.

  • Market Insight: It’s not me, it’s you.

    Five reasons why fund administrators should walk away from spreadsheets.

  • Global Lending & Leasing Survey

    Economic figures and analyst surveys show that growth is back in the lending & leasing industry. Growth is back, but it is not the environment we knew before 2008. Regulation pressures, client behavior, bank governance: they all have changed…
    Linedata reveals the result of its third annual Lending and Leasing survey.

  • Waters Technology IBOR Special Report: Caveat Emptor

    The IBOR phenomenon has been knocking around the buy side for long enough now for most practitioners to agree that its business benefits are indisputable.

  • Is there an app for that?

    Patience has never been a hallmark of the modern age of technology. Instant gratification and access to real-time information is the rule rather than the exception. This applies to all aspects of our daily lives including our shopping, banking, billing statements and appointments.

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