Information Kits

Information Kits

  • Linedata Ekip 360 Insight N°1

    Linedata Ekip360 is part of our new generation of software packages dedicated to the lending and leasing business.
    Throughout the year, we will develop several aspects of the advantages of the Linedata Ekip360 technology.
    In this first issue, we will focus on the way Linedata Ekip360 allows its users, by a simple parameter setting, to adapt their work tool to their business, to the financial products they manage
    and to their organization.

  • 2014 Global Asset Management Survey

    “It is always wise to look ahead, but difficult to look further than you can see.”

    Winston Churchill, former British Prime Minister, was attributed with this line in response to a parliamentary question. Decades later, these words still resonate for the asset management industry today.

  • Keeping your hedge fund organization lean and nimble: as the tide of regulation mounts, the middle office takes the heat

    Many hedge fund managers today are looking at how to keep their organizations lean and focused on their core business of raising and managing funds, but this is proving a tough feat to achieve, as a tide of global regulation and market changes put extra pressure on the middle office. Enter the outsourcers: can this trend really live up to the promise of taking away the burden of operations? Yet still leave hedge funds with the control required to satisfy their investors and the regulators?

  • AIFMD: Industry Experts’ Views on Processes and Opportunities

    Linedata’s Isadora Pardo, together with a panel of experts from the Asset Management community, has been reviewing the AIFMD implementation process, as well as the related opportunities and challenges.

  • Waters Technology Special Report: Sweating Your Assets

    As buy-side firms have looked to diversify their investment strategies and include new asset classes, their incumbent trading technologies has been found wanting. But, as Linedata’s Gene Mitchell explains, help is at hand in the form of cross-asset trading platforms.

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