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Published: 06/01/2018
Wealth and fund firms battle to keep costs under[...]
Press Coverage

Read "Wealth and fund firms battle to keep costs under control"

Published: 06/01/2018
Asset managers turn to emerging technologies as[...]
Press Coverage

Read Institutional Asset Manager's excellent reportage: "Asset managers turn to emerging technologies as regulatory dust settles" with 

Published: 04/26/2018
Revenues for 1st quarter 2018: €41.1m (-10.1%) Order[...]

Linedata (LIN:FP) recorded revenues of €41.1million in the first quarter of 2018, a drop of 10.1% compared to the first quarter of 2017.

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Published: 08/07/2017
Linedata expands its outsourcing business into Asia[...]

Linedata has signed an agreement to acquire Quality Risk Management & Operations (QRMO), a leading specialist provider of outsourced[...]

Published: 07/20/2017
2017 First Half-Year Revenues: €90.6 million (+9.0%)

Linedata generated €90.6 million in revenues in the first half of 2017, up 9.0% compared with the first half of 2016.

Published: 06/14/2017
Linedata ranked 7th in the latest GSL 100 ranking of[...]

Last April, Linedata participated in the GSL100 ranking which recognizes the TOP 100 French Digital Players (based on the revenue generated[...]

Published: 05/18/2017
Linedata ranked 7th in the Top 100 French Software[...]

The Truffle 100 ranks & analyzes the top 100 French software companies, it is the de-facto reference for software vendors, industry[...]

Financial Press Release
Published: 05/10/2017
Revenues for 1st quarter 2017: €45.7m (+13.7%)

Linedata generated €45.7 million in revenues in the first quarter of 2017, up 13.7% compared with the first quarter of 2016.

Published: 04/28/2017
General meeting of shareholders of 27 April 2017:[...]

Linedata today announced changes to its governance and the constitution of a new Board.

Published: 04/27/2017
Linedata recognized as “Best Technology Provider”

Linedata was honored with the award for “Best Techonology Provider” by HFMWeek at the HFM European Hedge Fund Service Awards 2017

Published: 03/19/2017
Linedata recognized “National Champion” by the European[...]

Linedata has been recognized “

Published: 02/14/2017
2016 Annual Results

Linedata performed well in 2016 with an increase in its operating margin and highest ever EBITDA.

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