A word from the president


Each day, throughout the world, more than 63,000 finance professionals use our technologies to manage their business. Building on the genuine commitment of each of our thousand employees to serve our clients, the Group has evolved and expanded to become a respected global technology partner in the investment management, credit and insurance industries.

Today, Linedata’s aims are high. The Group will deliver growth and dynamism through its renewed ability to innovate, while retaining the qualities that have been its strengths to date: independence, sound fundamentals and international growth.

We seek to achieve this through RISE, our multi-year, company-wide initiative that began in early 2013. RISE puts our clients at the heart of the Group’s strategy and operations as part of an ongoing process of excellence and innovation. The initial successes of RISE have been encouraging, spurring us on to accelerate and redouble our efforts.

• Your satisfaction is the main focus of each of our business lines and is measured using a program based on the Net Promoter Score methodology.

• Online and mobile versions of our services are now a reality. Many of our clients, mainly in North America, have already adopted these platforms to differentiate themselves and win market share.

• Over the last 10 years, our research and development activities have been crowned with more than 45 prestigious prizes of global stature, such as the “outstanding technology vendor” accolade. Regular meetings such as user groups and Linedata Exchange events have ensured the involvement of the industry and our clients in our software strategy.

• New clients, principally in Latin America and Asia, have joined the Linedata user community. Some of the European top names in banking and finance have renewed and extended their commitment with our Organization in recent months, thereby strengthening our position as a technology leader in the financial services industry.

As a responsive and proactive partner, we will be by your side for the long-term to meet your needs and support your success, both today and tomorrow.

We invite you to learn more about our services via this brochure or our website (www.linedata.com). Our teams, the real drivers of our growth, are also at your disposal: I would urge you to help them strengthen our dialogue with you.

Anvaraly Jiva

Founder & CEO