Our History

An Independent Company Whose Strengths Are Our People And Our Technological Expertise

Linedata was founded in January 1998 as the result of a merger of three firms: GSI Division des Banques, Line Data and BDB Participation. A leveraged management buyout backed by AXA Private Equity Fund (APEF) gave employees at GSI Division des Banques majority control over their company in December 1997. The subsequent acquisition of Line Data and BDB Participation led to the creation of a new company: Linedata. New, but not a startup, the new corporate entity benefited at the outset from the best management, technology and operational expertise drawn from its three component companies.

Linedata achieved a major milestone in May 2000 when it was admitted to the Nouveau Marché on the Paris Stock exchange. Linedata (Ticker LIN.FP on Bloomberg) is now quoted on Euronext Paris and has become one of the most respected and independent technology firms in its field.

Building a Global Company

Linedata has expanded rapidly to accommodate its global customer base, supporting clients by both product and location. To support this growth, Linedata followed an aggressive acquisition and integration strategy that has allowed the firm to anticipate industry trends and client needs for the past 10 years:

September 1999 -Bimaco Finance in Luxembourg, followed by the acquisition of the Paris-based Pen Lan and EKIP / Ingénétudes. This first wave of acquisitions established Linedata as the European leader for leasing & credit solutions.

March 2001: Longview Group, based in Boston in the United States. This acquisition established Linedata as a global leader in front-office solutions for asset management.

January 2002: The assets of IAS II from the British company FMS. IAS II provided IT solutions for the back-office accounting management of mutual and institutional funds and helped Linedata to reinforce its back-office solution.

February 2003: Icon and Preview, the European portfolio solutions of Thomson Financial, an operating unit of The Thomson Corporation. These key assets put Linedata at the forefront with the buy-side front- and back-office in the UK, further consolidating its leadership position in Europe.

December 2003: ESDS, a specialist in the field of personal and group insurance software, (ESDS) in France. This bolstered Linedata’s offering in the ESDS space.

October 2005: Global Investment Systems (“GIS”), which specialized in back-office software solutions for the mutual fund and hedge fund industries. GIS was a leading supplier of specialized investment, shareholder and partnership accounting software to fund managers and administrators in the US and international off-shore markets. This acquisition helped expand Linedata’s customer base and capabilities in these markets.

December 2005: Beauchamp Financial Technology, which specialized in portfolio management software solutions tailored to the hedge fund segment of the asset management market. This acquisition gave Linedata a powerful offering designed specifically for the growing hedge fund markets in the UK, North America and Asia.

July 2011: Fimasys, which specialized in front, middle and back office software solutions dedicated to international companies and institutions from the financial services field: wholesale and retail commercial banks, finance and insurance companies. With our strong acquisition and integration policy, Linedata is well positioned to support client by growth by delivering comprehensive front-to-back solutions for the asset management and credit industries.

March 2013 – HCL Technologies CapitalStream. This acquisition allows Linedata to offer its customers a global front-to-back solution to the credit and finance markets in North America and Europe.

April 2016 – Derivation, a leading specialist provider of risk, analytics, and portfolio management solutions to institutional and hedge fund managers. This acquisition immediately enhances Linedata’s comprehensive, global platform across its clients’ entire investment process with support for all asset types and structures.

January 2017 – Gravitas, a leading provider of middle office and technology services to the asset management industry. This acquisition allows Linedata to continue its strategy of offering comprehensive, global and modular solutions, offering even greater flexibility and choice to its clients.