Chris Condron to speak on Event Sourced Transformation in Financial Systems at Build Stuff 2017 conference

Build Stuff 2017 – Software Development Conference | November 15-19, 2017 | Vilnius, Lithuania


Event Sourced Transformation in Financial Systems

Speaker: Chris Condron, Principle Architect Asset Management, Linedata

Financial systems for Institutional Investors and Wealth Management are among some of the most demanding software systems produced today, requiring great throughput, scale, and accuracy, along with stringent availability, audit, and recovery requirements.

We will discuss our ongoing transformation of a large Asset Management product line from multiple legacy N-Tier applications into a single flexible Vectored Event Driven Application Architecture that brings together CQRS/ES, DDD, Micro Services, SEDA, and Vector Clocks in a coherent and structured manner.

Using this architecture, we have been able to create a deterministic and provably correct distributed system that can be reasoned about easily, provides good NFRs, and in the event of partitions will provide stale rather than inconsistent data.

The talk will focus on the Architectural transformation and cover the reasons for adopting each of the core components. This will include details on the benefits, roles, and constraints for each component, along with the critical role each plays in the overall architecture, as well as the overall definition and structure.


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