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Trends in Portfolio Risk Management: From exposing the black box to true “usability” to the evolving risk tool kit

Fund managers of all sizes face dramatically increased demands for real time risk management to support informed investment decisions and address investor demands for transparency and regulatory reporting.

With new pressures for risk oversight, it isn’t just the risk officer who needs access to information. Firms today are holding front office staff to a higher standard with the expectation that they know and are able to communicate risk status with the portfolio at any given time.

The result is that the “usability’ of the risk system, reporting and a clear audit trail have become key drivers. Hear from one hedge fund CFO/COO about addressing risk management and reporting in his own portfolio management workflow.


Join us on November 17th at 3pm GMT | 10am EST and follow Denise Valentine of Aite Group, Aren Topian of Piolet Capital and David Boot of Linedata as they discuss:

  • Risk management pain points across the front office
  • Using live trades to identify the effect on risk limits and compliance checks
  • Incorporating Risk Shocks and VaR
  • How to create a real time, custom risk report that simplifies oversight
  • Trends in the evolving risk toolkit and landscape



Denise Valentine Senior Analyst, Aite Group

Denise Valentine is a senior analyst at Aite Group in Wealth Management, focusing on portfolio technology and related processes ranging from traditional portfolio systems to portfolio management techniques leveraged within digital advice platforms.

Ms. Valentine further focuses on vendor risk management and data analytics as well as retirement industry trends, such as the Department of Labor fiduciary rule. She has supported clients in the selection of technology systems, the identification of product gaps, market entry initiatives, and vendor-firm acquisitions.


Aren Topian CFO/COO of Piolet Capital

Aren Topian is CFO/COO of Piolet Capital. Mr. Topian was CFO of Victoire Finance Capital LLC (“VFC”) from 2000 to 2012. In 2004, Mr.Topian became Group CFO of VFC and a Board member of Victoire Latam Capital LLC, which owned 100% of Victoire Brazil Investimentos, an independent investment management company based in São Paulo, Brazil, with assets under management of approximately $958 million until he negotiated the sale in late 2008. Prior to VFC, he acted as a Financial Controller and CFO in various companies in both manufacturing and engineering, nationally and internationally. Mr. Topian holds a B.S. and Master’s Degree in Accounting from George Washington University.


David Boot Head of Business Development, Linedata Derivation

David Boot is head of business development for Linedata Derivation. Mr Boot joined Linedata with its acquisition of Derivation Software in April 2016. His expertise is in front to middle office technology for portfolio and risk management. He originally worked in product development, specifically quantitative development, building out the models used within the system. He currently spends a lot of time on site with asset managers globally understanding their requirements and aspirations, and seeing these translated into enhancements of Linedata’s solutions.  Linedata Asset Management delivers flexible, innovative front to back solutions to our institutional and alternatives partners in markets across the globe.