Addressing the Complexities of NAV Oversight and Validation Webinar

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Tuesday, October 18th at 2:00 p.m. EST/11:00 a.m. PST

NAV Oversight |NAV Validation |Contingency NAV

The topic of how to address the complexities associated with NAV oversight and NAV validation is already becoming a daily concern at many global mutual fund companies and their fund administrators, in addition to global regulatory authorities.

Please join us for a demo and discussion with your industry peers on Linedata NavQuest, a powerful, flexible solution for drastically mitigating the risks associated with publishing a timely, accurate NAV.

In order to achieve a timely accurate NAV, companies need to -        

1. Oversight/validation/testing for a full range of Middle Office functions based on individual company rules

2. The ability to apply a series of customizable and independent controls (rules sets) against the data allowing for automatic double checking of NAV to occur.

3. The capability to highlight which effect may be responsible for a discrepancy which in turn allows companies to attain a quick solution to an inaccurate NAV. 

4. A robust workflow which captures and records each step; supporting ‘maker-checker’/4-eye approvals

 5. Contingency NAV functionality, parallel third party administration or one-off scenario

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