Linedata Capitalstream


The Best-in-Class solution that provides leading financial institutions with the tools and services they need to automate multiple lines-of-business around the globe. 

Linedata Capitalstream is the most comprehensive and configurable loan and lease origination and risk management platform on the market.  It is used at top financial institutions to automate business and commercial lending more than any other solution.

Industry-wide, 25% of financial institutions in North America with over $10B in assets use Linedata Capitalstream for commercial lending.

Some of the benefits that Linedata Capitalstream clients have experienced include:

  • Reduction in decision times of 20% to 40%
  • Revenue increases of 5% and more
  • Reduction of loan losses of 13-18 bps
  • 75% reduction in cost due to fewer operational errors 

Is Linedata Capitalstream right for my business?

Our clients are lending and leasing organizations ranging from small finance companies to large banks.  Our software is based on a Service Oriented Architecture and is functionally organized around our clients’ business lines: Commercial Lending, Equipment Finance, and Real Estate Finance. And every one of our best-in-class, out-of-the-box features can be extended and tailored to meet the most demanding client-specific requirements  In other words, if you are doing loans and/or leases, the answer is « yes », Linedata Capitalstream is right for you.

What does Linedata Capitalstream do?

Designed for straight-through processing of transactions in commercial and small business lending, equipment finance, and commercial real estate, Linedata Capitalstream has grown to now offer a breadth of complimentary capabilities, such as document management, analytics (including a library of preconfigured data marts and dashboards), risk analytics, and compliance. Our modular architecture lets you add lines-of-business and capabilities as you need them.

We also have a staff of experts that can help you design efficient business processes, and translate those into software solutions. And we offer a range of Professional Services that supports our clients in a wide variety of ways, from simple product training to fully hosted, managed solutions and post-production Enhanced Support Services.

The end result is that your operation becomes more efficient, has reduced errors, yields faster and better decisions, adapts to changing conditions, and tracks and reports the information you need for auditing and compliance.

How is Linedata Capitalstream different from other loan and lease origination platforms?

We are the most comprehensive and the most flexible solution available. If you want to get live quickly, you can adopt the policies and procedures in our Best Practices Model. Or, our highly configurable solution can be completely customized to adapt to your business practices. Or you can land somewhere in between, or start with “adopt” and move to “adapt” as needed. Our configurability, scalability, and interoperability mean that your needs will never outgrow your solution.

Linedata Capitalstream also prioritizes innovation, adding new features and capabilities as the market changes. For example, our Digital Banking features, including a mobile app, available customer portal, and e-signature capabilities; advanced Business Intelligence Suite to gain critical business insights, manage risk, and meet regulatory compliance; The Risk Management Suite enabling lenders and credit analysts to capture financial data, calculate key financial measures and ratios, view and manage statement periods side-by-side, and generate reports that can quickly and clearly reveal the financial strengths and weaknesses of a business or individual for greater efficiency and enhanced regulatory and risk management.


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