Linedata Capitalstream Additional Features & Benefits

Linedata Capitalstream Additional Features & Benefits

Full-Lifecycle Risk Management 

Linedata Capitalstream provides a common platform to streamline, manage and monitor enterprise risk and exposure across lending and leasing portfolios.  Monitor customer, program, equipment, exposure, rate, yield, credit and other information to monitor operational and portfolio performance, exposure and profitability.

Compliance Monitoring

Credit managers and other members of the front-office team can quickly and easily monitor reporting requirements, financial covenant compliance, risk rating criteria and other credit policies. Integrated financial reporting, covenant compliance tracking and bank-wide exposure monitoring mitigate risk by making changes in account and portfolio risk immediately visible.

Streamline Portfolio Monitoring and Customer Service with Full Lifecycle Information

Linedata Capitalstream integrates fully with your lending and leasing core systems, enabling information to flow seamlessly across the full contract lifecycle.  Linedata Capitalstream utilizes data from back- and front-office systems to enable real-time portfolio monitoring, watch list reviews, covenant maintenance, and other actions that impact risk and performance.  Linedata Capitalstream PortfolioMonitor enables your team to capture and analyze credit risk within loan and lease portfolios more efficiently. Once burdensome tasks can be completed in minutes, as PortfolioMonitor streamlines relationship and account reviews.

Flexible Data Gathering and Analysis

Linedata Capitalstream easily integrates with both commercial and home-grown systems to manage current customer, facility, exposure, credit history, collateral, balance and other information easily, no matter what platform contains that information. The lending team spends more time understanding and building relationships and less time re-entering data between documents, spreadsheets, and systems.

Proactive Exposure Tracking 

With Linedata Capitalstream, relationship, risk, and credit managers can track and aggregate specific, direct and contingent exposure at every level: facility, customer, guarantor, portfolio and bank-wide. Relationship management is less time-intensive when you can easily and automatically pull and analyze exposure information from the data warehouses or various servicing systems that monitor commitments, outstandings, and relationships across commercial accounts.

Decision Tracking and Reporting

All risk rating assignments, credit approvals and denial decisions – along with the supporting rationale and metrics – can be tracked to provide managers and compliance officers visibility across all lines of business and product offerings.  Decisions may be tracked by decision-maker, borrower, facility, line-of-business, etc., with trends and key ratios calculated automatically.

Multiply Throughput With Your Current Staffing Levels

By providing a common data platform that spans products, currencies, and lines of business, Linedata Capitalstream eliminates redundant data entry, routing the right information to the right members of your team. Integrated pricing tools, instant credit bureau pulls, automated scoring and decisioning processes, vendor program support, and full integration with your back-office servicing system gives your team the responsiveness and agility to multiply throughput and win more business with no increase in headcount.