Linedata June 2014 Client Webinar Series

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The password for each of these events is: Linedata ( the password is case sensitive )

Linedata Longview

The session will focus on the newest capabilities within Linedata Longview. Specific topics covered will include enhanced multi-asset exposure based portfolio management capabilities for asset managers and improved support for asset allocation management which further simplifies decision making for portfolio managers.  


Linedata Trader+

In this session on Linedata Trader+, clients will learn how to benefit from expanded alerts functionality, such as arrivals, VWAP and close, as well as viewing multi-day execution history. See how new placement protection checks empower users to set predefined limits based on price, quantity, market value and other parameters measured against both individual and firm wide thresholds. 


Linedata Compliance

Learn how Linedata Compliance offers best in class rule coverage along with maker/checker functionality for rule management which will require four eyes review before new or modified rules become effective. A new compliance module offering ‘as-of’ compliance allows clients to store historical data and run post-trade investment compliance for any selected effective date recreating that portfolio situation at that point in time. Also see how expanded pre-trade compliance API allows for easy integration across platforms to provide a comprehensive and consolidated view of compliance events.