New technology to address the challenges of mid-market equipment finance companies

Ease of implementation and use of new generation software solutions can help to quickly develop new products and services with a shortened time-to-market, while reducing operational costs, therefore making the implementation profitable for small volumes of transactions. This is why these software solutions may appeal to midsize companies specializing in operating and finance leasing.

By Olivier Joly, Credit & Leasing Business Manager, Linedata

Optimize value from clients’ portfolio

The uncertainty of the economic environment indiscriminately affects businesses from all sectors. At a time when the latter are struggling to retain their margin levels, the priority is to optimize value from their entire portfolio of clients.

Now more than ever, this value is to be found in the streamlining of management processes: streamlining one’s management process is to have a solution that ensures a smooth workflow, both optimized and secure throughout the chain, e.g.:


  • Management tools that allow you to create new offers easily (even elaborate ones)
  • Portals made available to salespeople, helping them sell offers with predefined scenarios and processing client requests from start to finish
  • Automated scoring processes for integrated risk management
  • After-sales functions that achieve full traceability with the accounting tools used.


Streamlining can now be mainstreamed

Until now, this streamlining was expensive because the software solutions available on the market were rather inflexible, expensive and their implementation was time-consuming. [...]

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